How can you rid yourself of Mangal Dosh, also known as Mars Dosh or Manglik in Hindi? Although it’s been widely practised in India for centuries, not many know that the best way to rid yourself of Mangal Dosh and all its effects is to perform puja in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Mangal Dosh Puja Ujjain involves chanting specific mantras that rid your body of harmful energy and make your aura pure again. So if you have Mangal Dosh or even just think you might visit the city of Ujjain today!

How can you get rid of it?

Many people suffer from dosh or bad luck caused by Mangal Dosha. If you’re one of them, then know it’s not the end. It just means that your astrological signs need some adjusting. When looking for a solution, it would be best to go somewhere special and try performing puja while praying to Lord Indra, who can remove mangal dosha. It will take place at the Shri Khedishwar Nath Temple in Ujjain and would cost an amount equal to 200 rupees per person. There are certain prerequisites, though: Men should wear either shorts or underwear, and females should wear an inner garment that covers their chest so they can attend the puja bare-chested.

Why visit a temple while getting rid of it?

To learn how to get rid of the negative energy in your life, there’s no better place than Ujjain. This city was the centre for spiritual activity during the 16th century and is famous as one of India’s seven holy cities, or Sapta Puri. While getting rid of your Mangal Bhat, you should take some time to explore this city with its attractions, including Gauri Kund, which houses one of India’s oldest living trees. For those looking for relaxation and rejuvenation, head to Agni Kund, where water temperatures are high enough to simmer vegetables and eggs. Finally, a trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Avantika Devi Temple, where members from around the world come just for her darshan.

What to do before the puja starts?

If you are interested in performing puja to solve your problem, you must take certain precautions.

First, bathe properly and remove all makeup before arriving at the puja location. This will ensure your mind, body, and soul are clean and pure when you start this process.

Second, do not consume food or water from 4 hours before the puja starts. The idea behind this rule is that any ills or diseases in your body will leave you with faecal matter during this time. Your body can then fully benefit from the power of fire and water during the prayer ritual without being weighed down by bodily refuse from solids and liquids remaining within you post-consumption. You should also come to the puja site with an open heart and an eagerness to rid yourself of your affliction.

A final important step is taking care not to speak or be spoken to outside of chants during the ceremony. Doing so can hinder the benefits accrued from its completion. Once you’ve followed these rules, you’ll find that Mangal Bhat Puja in Ujjain has provided ample assistance in solving many problems!

In which temples would this puja be performed?

To rid oneself of the energy caused by Mangal Dosh, it is best to perform this puja at the temple of Haridwar Vishwanath, as this puja will invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva. It would also be advisable to pilgrimage Mount Kailash, where one can offer prayers and amrita (nectar) while remembering past lives or other unfinished business. One must continue travelling until one get rid of all their bad karma. The mangal Bhat puja Ujjain must be performed at the shrines dedicated purely to that purpose. The worshipers usually take clay from nine different holy places, mix it with water and recite Vedic mantras at each place before putting some earth into the vessel with water.

How does mangal dosh occur?

Mangal Dosh occurs when the planets are out of sync. When aligned in some unfortunate fashion, these planets pull away from each other and from what we want to achieve as humans: completion. When this happens, we often experience financial difficulties, ill health or general instability. It can also manifest as a lack of self-worth or fear. The effects worsen with time and seem never-ending until one steps towards nivaran (relief).

By taking these easy steps, you can accomplish this.


Mangal Bhat puja Ujjain is the best way to eliminate mangal dosh because you’ll be worshipping one of the most powerful gods there. All you need to do is recite verses and say your prayers before the idol, and you’re all set.