KaalSarp Astrological dosh creates life failures. When Rahu and Ketu’s axes imprison all planets in a birth chart, this hinders planet expression and causes native problems.

Doshas include Anant, Kulik, Vasuki, Shankpal, and PadamKaalSarp. Depending on Kundli, each creates health, career, money, or relationship issues. Despite the great efforts, delays, impediments, and complexities in significant projects are leading indicators. With proper remedies, one can reach their full potential. For that, you can perform Kaal sarp dosh puja in Ujjain. Read to know more!

Causes of Kaal Sarp Dosh

KaalSarp Dosh occurs when Rahu and Ketu engulf all other planets in a Kundli. This traps planets, causing various local life problems. Certain Rahu and Ketu positions cause this dosha.

Rahu and Ketu in the first and seventh houses of the birth chart create the most prevalent kaalsarp dosh. AnantKalsarpDosha causes job, financial, health, and relationship issues. Other placements that might cause this dosha include Rahu in the fourth house, Ketu in the tenth, eighth, and second houses, and twelfth and sixth houses. As seen, trapping planets between nodes may cause kaalsarpdosha.

This dosha hinders wealth and progress in imprisoned planet-ruled areas. For instance, locked planets in career, finances, and health may cause delays, financial troubles, and recurrent health concerns. Even tiny achievements need a lot of work. You try, but things get stuck inexplicably.

To fix this, please do poojaRahu and Ketu. Kaalsarp dosh puja Ujjain at the Rahu temple is an effective treatment. This removes life’s hurdles and stagnation.

Effects of KaalSarp Dosh

When kaalsarp dosh affects your kundli, you may experience various life challenges. Career, income, education, health, relationships, and marriage suffer.

You face significant delays and hurdles to achievement and progress. No matter how clever or hard you try, something always gets in the way. No matter your efforts, things become stuck for no reason.

Career stagnation and unanticipated financial changes. You may experience reoccurring health difficulties. You may experience frequent anxiety, tension, and negativity.

Your connections need to be deeper and more developed. A happy, loving marriage eludes you for too long. After finding a mate, maintaining peace and understanding becomes challenging, causing conflict.

You face constant challenges and barriers. Some things go effortlessly for others but become stuck for you. Solving one issue raises another. Progress is terribly sluggish.

Without appropriate remedies to please Rahu and Ketu at the right moment, life is full of obstacles and delays. Kaal sarp dosh puja Ujjain is good in removing stagnation and calming Rahu and Ketu.

Remedies for KaalSarp Dosh

Kaalsarp dosh in the kundli needs treatment to reduce its adverse effects. Experienced astrologers conduct kaalsarp dosh puja, a potent remedy. This kaal sarp dosh puja Ujjain ceremonial puja is powerful.

Ujjain celebrates the kaal sarp dosh puja in Ujjain to appease Rahu and Ketu. Special prayers and donations diminish these nodes’ birth chart malefic effects. Sincerely doing this pooja may boost success, wealth, and tranquility.

Wearing gemstones connected with this dosha’s planets is another remedy. Rahu and Ketu mantras boost these nodes. Also, medicines strengthen good planets in the Kundli.

After pacifying the Afflicting nodes and strengthening the planets, blocked regions of life improve. Managing and treating kaalsarp dosh requires timely treatment.


KaalSarp Dosh traps planets in Kundlis, causing life problems. It causes delays and problems in jobs, education, money, relationships, and health. Despite attempts, things magically stick. Expert astrologers can discover this dosha in your birth chart.

After evaluating locked planets, they recommend gemstones, mantras, and pujas. Kaal sarp dosh puja Ujjain is very effective. By eliminating kaalsarp dosh, correct solutions with discipline will please Rahu-Ketu and improve luck and development.

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