What are the Types of Mangal Dosha? – Detailed Explanation

Introduction When Mars occupies an unfavourable position in a person’s horoscope, this is known as a Mangal Dosha in Vedic astrology. If the planet Mars occupies a specific location in a Hindu’s horoscope, that individual may experience ill results. These ill consequences may impact the individual’s marital and social life. We’ll talk about the wide […]

Where is Mangal Dosh Puja in Ujjain?

Introduction Mangal Dosh puja is one of the most popular puja in Ujjain. It is a very auspicious puja, and this puja decreases the malefic effects of the Mangal dosha. One can also perform Gowri Shanti Puja in Ujjain before marriage to overcome Mangal dosha. You can consult our best astrologer in India for mangal […]